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Flir launches Brickstream people counting sensor with employee filtering solution

Flir Systems has announced the latest generation of the Flir Brickstream 3D Gen 2 people counting sensor. This new version includes a unique employee filtering feature designed to provide retail and shopping businesses with more accurate customer traffic data and sales conversion metrics. The…

🕘 19/07/2019

First ASi-5 digital modules from Bihl+Wiedemann

ASi-5 is the latest generation of the proven standard AS-Interface. It is one of the world’s leading systems for the efficient networking of sensors and actuators at the automation base. With this new generation, AS-Interface has now opened the way to the next dimension of digitalisation.

🕘 28/02/2019

Analog Devices’ Transceivers Bring High-Def Video via Existing Vehicle Cable and Connector Infrastructure

Analog Devices has announced a transceiver series that enables high-definition (HD) video over existing Unshielded Twisted Pair cables and unshielded connectors. This allows OEMs to upgrade easily from standard-definition cameras to HD cameras and provide the superior resolution and image quality…

🕘 05/11/2018

Miles Industrial Electronics introduces the new netX 90 from the specialist experts in communications

A single-chip device connectivity solution for IIoT and fieldbus. • First Industrial Ethernet node in 10 x 10mm with two ARM Cortex-M4 processor cores, on-chip Flash, analogue/mixed signal, and integrated PHYs … • Fulfils the highest demand on flexibility, determinism, and performance in terms of…

🕘 20/06/2018

Miles Industrial Electronics introduces the UNIGET 4 additional Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Module with PoE+ and SFP

The UNIGET board solution is very universal and has, in addition to the four individual Gigabit LAN ports, PoE+ capability for every copper port. The LAN ports can either be equipped with RJ45 connectors, lockable headers, or with SFP cages for fibre applications. A mix of the various connectors…

🕘 20/06/2018

Switch-on to the 'Smart Factory' with HARTING’s Han-Modular Switch US4

HARTING has reaffirmed the recent UK launch of its Han-Modular Switch US4 connector as a strategic part of its Industry 4.0 portfolio. This connector is designed to save control cabinet space, reduce wiring and improve distributed networking, specifically in support of Industry 4.0 modernisation…

🕘 17/01/2017

World's first remote I/O system with FieldComm Group's 'tick mark'

The latest generation of explosion-protected remote I/O systems from R. STAHL, IS1+ for installation in zone 1 and zone 2 or Division 1 or Division 2, enables fast communication via Foundation Fieldbus High Speed Ethernet (FF HSE). As the first product in its class, IS1+ has been acknowledged with…

🕘 13/07/2016

HMS adds EtherNet/IP to Netbiter remote management solution

By connecting a Netbiter EasyConnect 300-series gateway, users of EtherNet/IP-based equipment can carry out maintenance from any location. The Netbiter Remote Management solution has previously offered connectivity to Modbus devices, but now HMS can also offer direct, on board compatibility with…

🕘 24/04/2016

ProSoft Technology's Profibus modules for CompactLogix

ProSoft Technology's ILX69 modules for CompactLogix are a cost-effective PROFIBUS solution. ProfSoft's PROFIBUS DPV1 Master and Slave modules promise the convenience and functionality of an in-chassis PROFIBUS interface at the cost of a gateway. With these modules, CompactLogix™ processors…

🕘 16/03/2016

New IntraVUE Ethernet network monitoring software from Panduit

If you’re not a network expert, Panduit's IntraVUE Software will help give you the ability to respond to network issues as if you were! IntraVUE simplifies the support of Industrial Ethernet. With IntraVUE you can easily identify issues that arise when Ethernet devices are deployed in…

🕘 16/03/2016