New strapping machines prove popular with workers

Reliability, performance and efficiency were key factors in the selection of Mosca strapping equipment by corrugated packaging designer and manufacturer RH Fibreboard Containers, of Somerset.

Due to several months of continued growth, the company required two new strapping machines to strap bundles of die cut and flat-pack folded cases.  The machine selected, the Mosca ROMFUSION, is an entry level bander capable of up to 50 cycles per minute. Standard features include a heat seal head for precise strap tension control, wear-free DC drive, brushless motor technology, strap end detection with ejection of remaining strap, adjustable strap tension, energy-saving direct drive motors and electronic controls.

As part of the process for choosing the new equipment, RH Fibreboard looked at various makes and models, taking into account after sales service, build cost and build quality. Having identified the Mosca ROMFUSION as the best candidate, product manager Darren Williams discussed the decision with his team on the shop floor and the response was clear:  ‘Get us the Mosca, they never fail!’

Darren Williams cannot speak highly enough of the Mosca machines: “True to their (Mosca’s) word, the machines turned up on the expected delivery day and were unpacked ready for work in no time. The only problem (if you can call it a problem) is machine envy…everyone wants the new Moscas!” He continued: “Since taking delivery at the beginning of 2014 the machines have not missed a beat, unlike some of our other none Mosca machines that can quite regularly be seen going to and from the workshop. These new machines have certainly helped with production as there is no downtime due to un-jamming a bundler. The actual increase it has made to production is hard to measure; however, we have just had our three best recorded months trading and feel that if we had not had them, life would have been a little harder for everyone to get the work done.” 

Mosca has enjoyed a successful ten year partnership with RH Fibreboard.

As Mr Williams concluded: “Mosca is a name that I instantly associate with build-quality, service and customer care and would always contact them in the future as and when we need new machines.”

Mosca strapping machines are used across all industries. The company's product portfolio ranges from semi-automatic machines to fully automated high-speed systems. Mosca also manufactures conveyor systems and produces high quality PP and PET plastic strapping.

Mosca automated strapping machines are based on a modular design and fit easily into existing lines or as part of a new project. They are top of the range German designed and manufactured and are available in the UK from the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Mosca Direct of Cotgrave, Nottingham.

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