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Safety is of paramount importance in any workplace; and even more so within an industrial setting. Accidents and injuries in a place of work can be expensive and damaging to a company’s reputation, not to mention the personal cost to the person or people involved.

When working in an industrial environment, it’s important to have all the correct precautions in place for your workers’ safety. Industrial workplaces tend to have tougher conditions than other environments, so operations managers should take extra care to remove potential hazards.

Whether you’re in charge of safety for a textiles factory, a recycling plant or chemical manufacturers, you need the same types of general safety equipment.

Here is an essential safety equipment checklist for your business.

Safety Equipment Checklist

Work through this checklist to ensure you have all the necessary safety equipment for your workplace. This includes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your workers and

Essential safety equipment for industrial environments

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